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Reporting Office
Compliance Breaches

(Whistleblowing - Report)

In accordance with the requirements of the Whistleblower Protection Act (EU Whistleblower Directive), your organization has commissioned us as an internal reporting office.

You can use this portal to submit reports, which will be processed by us (while protecting confidentiality) and, if necessary, further steps will be taken. Your personal details will remain anonymous.

You can forward your report to us using the form below or

by phone (0800 0346465, free of charge).

Thank you for the message!

The mandatory fields marked with * are used for further processing of your report and for personal contact exclusively by the reporting office. Your information is otherwise strictly confidential. Further information on data protection and the consequences of a false report can be found in the data protection notice.

We will inform you about the further process within 7 days.

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